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5 Apr 10

Shut Up Bacon XIV: Fast Foodie


This certainly isn’t the usual foodie-fodder, but in case you’re around regular people, or maybe even those who delight in fast food because they find it ironic, The Consumerist reminds us that April 12 is going to be a God-forsaken BACON-FREE-FOR-ALL.  Run for your lives - this is two pieces of KFC fried chicken serving as the bread for a bacon & cheese sandwich.  

I wonder if there will be stampedes.

Shut Up Bacon Meatball KFC

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  1. crazyxdiamond reblogged this from darlinggirl and added:
    The funny thing is there is still less calories in this than in Wendys Baconator…by like half. This only has 540...
  2. darlinggirl reblogged this from shutupfoodies and added:
    I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll be trying this. I *will* have my cardiologist on stand-by though.
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